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Greek New Testament Editions

These machine-readable GNT copies are generally in two formats, those from the Online Bible looking like a printout with line-wrapping and separate book and chapter header lines, others were filtered so as to have TLG (Beta) transliteration, one line per verse or per parsed word, and complete references on each line.

Bracketed words or parts of words indicate material which is of dubitable authenticity as part of the original text. Most of these texts contain no accents, breathings, nor diacritics, not even punctuation. In the Byzantine texts (other than IGNTP John), wherever a moveable nu or sigma is permitted, it is included.

The NA26/27 text is collated against the 2000 Robinson-Pierpont text in this collation package, which includes classified verbal differences, verse division differences, and which is organized into 6893 units of variation. Python scripts used in producing and testing the info are included.

The OLB parsed texts were updated in 2001-07 by Robinson and are now accessible here: Stephanus, Byzantine, and Westcott-Hort texts.

Some of these files were obtained from the staff or the distributions of the Online Bible, after some filtering, massaging, and reformatting. Particular thanks go to Dr. Maurice Robinson for lots of contributions here. Other files originate from the CCAT gopher. Clint Yale provided the Tischendorf edition and was working on scanning the apparatus; this is being sold somewhere.

Eighteen corrections to the CCAT NA26 text were made on 6 feb 1999. These corrections updated both the NA26 texts and the NA-BY collation.